Food & Music

On the Friday evening, a BBQ will be available run by Culinary Craft.

Special Catering are supplying Sat afternoon:

  • Fajita spiced or plain beef burgers
  • Pulled pork. Vegetarian and gluten free burgers
  • Sides of coleslaw, fried onions, smoky salsa relish, pickled gherkins and salad

And evening:

  • Medium chilli con carne
  • Medium Balti chicken curry
  • Very hot pork chilli Vegetarian chilli
  • All served with rice, cornbread and sides

In addition, Bollington Ice Company will be attending Saturday afternoon. Snacks are available from the Arts Centre bar.

The music line-up for this year

Friday night

  • Ransom (pop/rock covers)

Saturday afternoon

  • Bollington Brass band
  • Peter Wood and the Bolly folkies
  • Bolly Belles

Saturday early evening

  • Red Herring Acoustic

Saturday evening

  • The Removal Men ( blues/ country rock) The Best band South of the Pecos…ok, the Mersey.