Food & Music

Man can’t live by beer alone so compliment your visit by sampling some of the lovely food on offer and listen to the bands. Festival favourites Special Edge Catering are back but this time for the Friday evening session offering:

  • Pulled pork con carne chilli
  • Vegetarian con carne
  • Medium chicken curry
  • Spicy Italian Arrabbiata mince beef

On Saturday during the day we have Lord of the Pies from Macclesfield serving a range of delicious pies. And to round off the weekend, Turquoise Turkey, also from Macclesfield, specialist in Turkish Meze.

Friday evening band

  • Ransom

Saturday day bands

  • Bollington Brass Band
  • Anna Barker
  • Peter Wood Band

Saturday evening bands

  • Red Herring
  • George Borowski