Information about your tickets

When you arrive at the Arts Centre, you’ll be first met by a marshal to ensure you’ve got your tickets ready. Printing them is often easier.

Each ticket will then be scanned and your hand “dobbed” with the current sessions colours (red = Fri eve, green = sat day and blue = sat night). If you’ve pre-ordered tokens, they will be handed to you.

If there are multiple tickets on one phone then please let your friends/family through first and get dobbed yourself last.

Then pick up a pint glass. If you’re going to be drinking Gin, you can swap your pint glass for the gin glass at the gin bar. You can keep then pint/gin glass.

If you haven’t got tokens, you can then buy them at the front desk – card only. £2/token. 1 token = 1/2 pint, 2 tokens = pint beer/cider, 2 tokens = gin and 1 token = tonic.