Entry Ticket Sales 2023

Friday and Saturday evening tickets are sold out. There are still tickets available for Saturday afternoon. We don’t offer refunds but you may find people buying & selling via Bollington Facebook group. Be wary of scam sellers though!


The festival is card-only for token sales (but cash for food) so please make sure you have a valid debit/credit card or pay via mobile/watch.

You can buy an entry ticket for £8 or a ticket with 8 drink tokens for £24 to speed up entry. Each token is worth £2 and buys half a pint so 8 tokens is eight halves or four pints. Gin & tonic is £6 (three tokens). Alternatively you can buy drink tokens on the day but you still need an entry ticket. You’ll receive a pint glass which you can keep. You can swap it for a gin glass at the gin bar.

Dogs are not permitted to any session other that assistance dogs. Tickets are non-refundable.

Under-18 are only admitted to the Saturday afternoon session with an accompanying adult who has an entry ticket. Under-18s don’t need a ticket themselves.